August 29, 2012

Always and Forever

Well, today is the first day of classes. I have Med/Surg lecture from 11am-12pm, Community lecture from 12:15pm-1:15pm, and Maternity lecture from 1:30pm-3:30pm. Busy day. Even busier once my Community clinicals start next Wednesday from 8am-10:30am!

So to avoid neglecting my blog, I am scheduling a post. A flashback to my high school days (way back in 2007!).

 I wrote this poem as part of an assignment for my senior religion class. We read the book "The Secret to Staying in Love" by John Powell and a creative project was part of the homework. This was my contribution.

Always and Forever

You let me in
Past all the walls
I love you
You won't let me fall

But my walls are surrounding me
All around
Up past the sky
And beyond the ground

I let them go
Only because you love me so
You've seen my imperfections
And I've learned to accept yours

I've learned to love myself
You've learned to love me too
We'll walk this path together
Always and forever, through and through

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  1. ı wanna tell to my gf ı love you my baby always and forever!!!