July 12, 2012

Things I'm Loving

.My sunburn doesn't hurt nearly as bad as it has the past 3 days. I was actually able to get a full nights sleep in my own bed & *TMI*wear a bra!*TMI* Success!

.The CiCi's Pizza in my town is under new management & had a grand re-opening today. Their buffet is only $1.99 all day. It was my first time there and was delicious!

.For those who I haven't obsessed with this about, BIG BROTHER 14 PREMIERES TONIGHT! It's not summer until there's a new season of Big Brother! And I'm super interested to see how they will incorporate the 4 returning HG's (houseguests, for you non-BB types) into the twist. I think I already know, but who can say for sure? I do know who is coming back however and I'm pumped for 3 of the 4 returnees!
.I'm re-reading the book Sisters by Danielle Steel (I read it last summer) and am going to try and make a post on it like I did for the book A Bend in the Road. It would make a great movie, as well.

.I might go see Magic Mike again tomorrow with Beth & Caitlin since they really want to see it too :)

.I found a new Blogger Map through Latte Love Blog! I love finding new blogs from around the area! Go add your name!

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