July 16, 2012

Nursing School Year in Review

Being that I was a bad blogger and didn't update barely anything on here during this all important year in Rochester for nursing school, I thought I'd post some updates over the next few weeks from Twitter to share what my year was (kind of) like. Follow me on Twitter for more updates this summer and next semester while I finish out my nursing school career!

But first, go join up with Meg for Mingle Monday & spread the word about your blog. I love following new blogs & most of them I find through Mingle Monday so check it out.

Mingle 240

Also, Robin from Sunshine State of Mind is giving away $30 gift card to Target on Neely's blog today. And who doesn't love Target?!

A Complete Waste of Makeup

First up is August/September adventures! Oh how inexperienced & naive I was!

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