June 28, 2012

People Like Us

 Photo courtesy of CW Rochester

As I said yesterday, I (along with probably almost all of the people pictured above) won two tickets to the advance screening of People Like Us, which comes out in theaters tomorrow. 


I wasn't expecting much of the movie because I hadn't seen that many previews on television and the only details I could find about the movie were that it was about a guy whose Dad dies and he has to give a bunch of money to his sister he never knew he had.

IT WAS SO GOOD! Seriously, really funny and sweet. If you like romantic comedies, go see it! If you like looking at hot guys on screen, go see it because, let's be honest, looking at Chris Pine for 2 hours is worth the ticket money :)
 It also stars Elizabeth Banks (Effie Trinket from Hunger Games, anyone?), Olivia Wilde, and Michelle Pfeiffer.

My favorite part? When Sam (Chris Pine) tells Frankie's (Elizabeth Banks) son his "Six Rules". So cute! The best was when the entire theater gasped in utter gross-ness (my word) when Frankie tries to kiss her (unbeknownst to her) brother. Haha!

If you see it, let me know what you think!

P.S. Today's my brother's 22nd birthday - WHAT?

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