June 14, 2012


I think, to get myself to blog more, I'm going to try and do link-ups whenever I come across one, so...


current book(s):
I have been on a reading frenzy this last week. I went to the library last Thursday night and I've already read four of the five books I got! I just finished "The Pregnancy Project" by Gaby Rodriguez and am about to start "Safe Haven" by Nicholas Sparks.

current playlist:
I was just listening to the acappella group Loreleis from University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. They sound amazing. I love the videos they just posted for "Wanting Memories" and a Simon & Garfunkel mash-up.

current color:
I'm loving bright colors right now: aqua, bright pink, yellow, lime green. Must be summer.

current food/drink:
Nothing. I could really use an iced coffee though...
My favorite? An Iced Jamaican coffee with cream, sugar, and a 1/2 shot of vanilla from Moka. Yum yum yum!

current favorite shows:
My summer obsessions are always -

current needs:
Some new clothes and a color touch-up on my hair. Oh and I guess I also need the money to do that!

current banes of my existence:
The fact that I currently have no job because I will only be in Rochester for 2 more months!

current celebrity crush:
Given the fact that I've been watching reruns of The O.C. before bed...

current #1 blessing:
The fact that a year from now I will have a job as a registered nurse!

current indulgence:
Wow. Can't think of anything.

current outfit:
Definitely NOT posting a picture because I am currently sitting here wearing capri sweatpants with a Luther Norse Blue Crew shirt and wet hair. Not attractive at all!

current excitement:
It's supposed to storm today and it's getting darker out :) I love thunderstorms

current favorite quote or verse:
Back in April, we had to attend a Narcotics Anonymous meeting for our psych class and at that meeting they talked about resenting things. One man said "Expectations are preconceived resentments". I don't know if that comes from the AA/NA book, but it has stuck with me ever since I heard it.

current wishlist item:
A new laptop. Mine is 5 years old and it freezes up all the time.
Or the T-Mobile myTouch Android because I need fun apps like Instagram, Keek, Foursquare. Can you tell I love social media?

current favorite product(s):
Moroccan oil. I need to go get some!
And I want to try the new International Delight Iced Coffee! Anyone try it yet? 

This thing took me forever to fill out and publish correctly. More evidence that I truly do need a new laptop - anyone wanna fund my new purchase????

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  1. Thank you so much for linking up girlie!
    I need to try those iced coffee things - they look so good!
    I really like that quote too - very thought provoking
    I'm a big brother fanatic and can't wait for this season to start :)