June 15, 2012

Friday's Letters


Dear week, 
Can you please be over? You have not been very kind to me.

Dear computer, 
Really? You had to break down on me when I only needed you to stay alive for 9 more months? 

Dear The O.C., 
Why are you such an addicting show? I now know what all the hype was back when I was in high school!

Dear maxi dress I am currently wearing, 
You are way too comfy! Thanks!

Dear Luther College Nursing class, 
I really miss you all and can't wait till I see you all again at the end of August :)

Dear blog friends, 
Thanks for being so sweet and making this week just a little bit better :)

Dear America, 
Where are all the sweet (straight) single males? And can I have one?

Dear Sarah,
I miss you! Please come home soon so we can hang out!

Love always, Breanna


  1. Thanks so much for stopping by the Mingle Monday blog hop!! :) Please feel free to pass the word along - I'd LOVE that! :)

  2. Aaaah I found the OC late in life too! Or, anyway, way later than the rest of the world. I don't know how far you are, so I'll try not to ruin anything, but I can sum up my feelings of the show like this: 1. Love Seth. 2. Hate Marissa. 3.Loved season four -- don't let anyone tell you it isn't worth watching! :) Happy Mingle Monday. :)

    1. I just finished season 4 - soooo good! Love Seth & Summer. I'm just starting season 2 (watching backwards..haha) and I already hate Marissa too :)

  3. dude i'm SO obsessed with maxis! amazing!!!! found you via the link up xo