February 10, 2010

125,600 minutes.

Well, folks - it's been one whole year since I began my blog!

Looking back on the differences between then and now, I realize just how different my life was back then.

Then: I had to blog. It was all started as part of an assignment for my Educational Psychology class I was taking.
Now: I want to blog. It's fun to write about my life, interesting things I find, and other such odds and ends.

Then: I was an unhappy elementary education major who really didn't want to teach for the rest of her life.
Now: I am a new student in the nursing program. I am SO happy with my career choice & am glad I realized that I wanted to switch to this before I got stuck with a teaching major.
By the way, how funny are these "Nursing School rules"?

Then: I was in the process of thinking about switching colleges to attend the local community college in my hometown.
Now: I am still attending Luther College as a junior (or freshman in the nursing program - never know what to introduce myself as!) and happy that I chose to stay here (though at times it may not seem like it!).

Then: I didn't really have any really good friends at Luther to hang out with.
Now: I find myself surrounded with friends, friends of friends, and other acquaintances who I am happy to have around me.

In the past year, I also got a new baby cousin, turned 21, watched my cousin closest in age to myself get married, and celebrated my Grandma's 80th birthday. Quite a year, I must say.

Here's to the next!

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