April 29, 2009

Blog Entry 11: Just a thought...

From our conversation on motivation in class today, I thought I'd write a little something related to it.

At the beginning of this semester when I heard we had to write blogs, I, needless to say, was not too thrilled. Blogging just seemed out of the way & petty. Something I wouldn't do.

As of right now, I love blogging. I find myself actually motivated to sit down and write a blog, even if it's part of an assignment or if I don't have much to say about the subject.

Blogging actually allows me to organize my thoughts, get out exactly how I feel without the need to censor myself, & lets me write without the pressure of a certain page length, direction, or a real, heavy-weighing grade at stake. It allows me to get back to writing for the sake of writing & getting my thoughts out - something I used to do, but now seem to have too many other things that take precedence over it.

Suffice it to say, I may continue blogging long after this class is over.

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