April 21, 2009

Blog Entry 10: Role Playing

The town hall meeting on Monday night was quite the discussion! Some of it was crazy & far-fetched (firing all the resource teachers?! uh huh - you do that and let me know where your students are at in a years time!..), but a lot was right on with what could happen in some schools. But let's just get it out there that the supposed new plan was stupid & unfair & should never be implemented EVER!

I think that role playing in learning helps in a number of different ways. We did this a lot in one of my history & political science classes in high school and, for me, it helps me become more invested in what we're learning and is an easier route to come up with alternatives to problems or concerns that may surround what we're studying. It also allows students to become more engaged, motivated, and to have them interact more with peers. Teachers have to be aware of their students in this though because some just use it as an excuse to slack off and not learn what they're supposed to be learning.

On the I-movie front, we are done with basically everything except for adding music, some fine tuning here and there, and uploading it to the internet! It's a pretty sweet movie & I'm super excited.

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