March 18, 2014

Apartment Decor Sneak Peek

I have had so much fun shopping for things for my new apartment. I think this could be a problem in the future. I want it all! My bank account is slowly dying. But furnishing a new apartment, your first apartment at that, is expensive!

I have a color palette picked out for each room and I am super excited about how everything will look. There are still things like wall art and throw pillows and other little details like that to be figured out. But those will have to wait until I get my first (or second or third) paycheck. I actually still have $50 to use on Etsy, so I think I'm buying my throw pillow covers and a piece of art from there. I want to see how everything looks first before I finalize my purchase.

Living Room

My color scheme is gray/yellow/brown/white to go with the curtains I bought. My sister painted a stand we had in our basement gray and yellow too.

Wait until you hear the deal I got on those curtains: Two panels of them are sold at Target for close to $30. I scored the two panels for around $8 on clearance because they had been returned in a different package. And they were in perfect condition.

I got my couch and matching chair at Furniture Superstore in Mocha.

I also got a bargain on my TV stand: on clearance at Target for $30 in Espresso and my brother had made a coffee table last summer and he stained it to match the TV stand.

I also have a white cubby that I'll be using as a bookshelf/media storage in my living room.

Dining Room

I may or may not be buying a dining room table and chairs from my best friend's sister, but that is still up in the air. So if you know anyone around the Rochester, MN or Winona, MN area looking to sell a dining room set for relatively cheap, hit me up!


My look I'm going for is kind of nautical. Navy blue/yellow/white is the color scheme. And I'm having to hold myself back from buying a silver anchor wall hang at Target because it would look awesome!


By happenstance, all my kitchen appliances, dinner plates, etc matched the color scheme of yellow/white/black, so BUMBLEBEE IT IS!

My sister made a chalkboard for me with a yellow frame that is going to hang on the side of the cupboard and I'll probably use for either meal planning or quotes. It will look so adorable!


All my bedroom furniture I have is white, so I knew I wanted to keep it really light. Again, Target pulled through with clearance curtains!

These retail for about the same price as the yellow/gray ones. I was able to get one panel for $5. I had to buy 4 panels because my bedroom window is so big, but, nonetheless, 4 panels for $20? Steal.

So I'm basing the color scheme in my bedroom off of this: different shades of red and white.

I also have a few Pinterest projects I hope to do in the future sometime. Specifically the mason jar wall hangings that Erin gave a tutorial for on her blog. I am so excited to see how everything comes together and even more excited for when it starts warming up and I can leave the deck door open and put pretty flowers on the balcony!

If you find any cute Etsy things that you think would look awesome with my apartment, leave me a link!

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  1. I'm moving in to my first apartment at the beginning of May, and I'm so excited to be able to make it mine! I want a wall hanging that says unless you are God or George Strait, take off your boots.