January 28, 2014

Ulta Makeup Haul

Back on Black Friday (ages ago, I know!), I scored some awesome deals from Ulta. Since I've used almost everything I bought, I thought I would share some of my opinions on the products.

bareMinerals Go For The Glow Makeup Kit (includes blush, radiance, and lip gloss): I am obsessed with the Radiance. It adds a nice touch of shimmer to your face without a bronzer-like look. The blush is just as great. These products do take a little getting used to as far as putting them on. But you get the hang of it after awhile. As for the lip gloss, it's okay. Nothing really special.

Tarte Kit (includes blush, mascara, and primer): I am obsessed with this blush! It's the perfect shade of peachy-pink to not look over the top and, like it claims, it SO DOES last 12 hours. This sucker doesn't come off until you want it to. I also really love the mascara. I haven't used the primer yet.

Ulta 5-piece brush set: These brushes are magical. Super, super soft and easy to clean.

Half Moon Glitter Nail Polish kit: Gosh, I need to use this! It is a kit that lets you paint your nail one color and then you use the glitter polish in a "half moon" at the base of your nail. Can't wait to test it out!

Big Sexy Hairspray: This sucker is heavy duty. It does its job for sure, but it's almost a little too heavy for my fine hair.

I also received a bunch of Ulta makeup line products for free with my purchases. I am loving the Ulta brand mascara and lipstick and the bag these products came in is so cute!

What products have you tried lately and love?

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  1. Big Sexy hair is the best hairspray out there. love it!

  2. I could spend hours in that store!