July 2, 2013


Today is my second day of being a nanny during July for the sweetest boy and girl (who happen to be neighbors & best friends of the family my sister is a nanny for). Although this isn't what I went to college for, I love kids & it's a great stand-by job to make a little money before someone decides to hire me (hopefully soon)

Watching Hannah Montana, playing in the pool and at the park, making lunch, drinking coffee, and blogging seems like a good deal to me. And getting paid to do it? Even better.

reading: I'm currently reading "Fragile Beginnings: Discoveries and Triumphs in the Newborn NICU" by Adam Wolfberg, MD. It's about the advances of caring for preemies in the last decade or so weaved in with the story of Adam and his wife's daughter's care when she was born at 26 weeks. Like I said yesterday, nerd alert!

writing: This blog post. Granted I'm writing it Monday...

listening: to the kid's Hannah Montana Forever DVD.

thinking: Why did Miley ever cut her hair off? I loved it when it was outrageously long. That was my inspiration back in the day.

smelling: Nothing.

wishing: I could get a nursing job by the end of August! After this month of nannying, I'll have 2 months of loan payments saved up...enough to pay for August & September. Then I have nada!

hoping: My sister's family behaves & we can get them all to play outside together. Ha.

wearing: Denim shorts, pink Niki Biki, & Purple polka dot tank. 

wanting: New clothes. Or to see a movie. Something fun. 

loving: The nice weather outside today. Sunny & 75. Perfection!

needing: Big Brother 15's Aaryn, David, GinaMarie, Jeremy, Kaitlin, & Spencer to GTFO of the house. After hearing all of the racist, sexist, & homophobic remarks they have made this past weekend, I'm over all of them. It's ridiculous & I'm appalled. Big Brother used to be about having the houseguests learn from mistakes and about other's views in addition to trying to win the money. Apparently, the higher-ups at Big Brother may have mentioned something about this to the houseguests, but it hasn't stopped them yet.  

**Sorry for the odd background color. I tried to fix it on this post, but I can't make it work.

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  1. I don't know why Miley had to go get all weird on us .. Poor thing. She was much cuter with longer hair!

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo