June 4, 2013

This Weekend I...

Sami's Shenanigans

Since I actually had a pretty fun weekend, you all should know about it!


A bunch of us went to Wildwood for dinner & drinks. They have the best food & atmosphere! If you ever find yourself in Rochester, check out The Wildwood Room! Weekdays, they have happy hour from 4-7 with $3 off appetizers & BOGO tap beer. Weekends from 12-3 they have $3 Bloody Mary's.

 Their Portabello Melt is SO FREAKIN' DELISH!! And my go-to Honeyweiss.


My old high school just finished moving out all the stuff they're taking with them to the new school this past week, so they were giving away/selling all the things they wanted to get rid of to RCS employees. Since my mom works for RCS, we got to go & scope out the empty school (which was actually pretty sad) & see what they had. My sister got a printer/copier/scanner that works perfectly for $1 and a big framed picture to turn into a chalkboard for $0.50. My mom got a really cute picnic basket for $2.00. And I found some of the old choir CD's for free! I bought one of the CD's my senior year of high school when they were selling it for $5. Well, they had a ton left & some copies from the 2001-2002 students. So you bet I snatched that sucker up! To be fair, I was actually looking for a bookshelf, not a CD, but all the ones they had were too wide or too tall.

 No rummaging is complete without Caribou!


We made some of the chickory & beignets my sister had brought home from NOLA. Cafe Du Monde, you are delicious! I also went grocery shopping with my grandma & then my brother & I went and picked up the Hibiscus tree from the flower shop in town that my grandma wanted. I also helped my aunt & uncle load up the remaining things from their storage unit. All in a days work.

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  1. Sounds like a very nice weekend! I'm not down in Rochester area very often, but I'd really like to check out that restaurant. I used to go to the Mayo Clinic for my crohn's disease.