April 8, 2013

Weekend in Review

I feel like I've been neglecting blogging for the past week? All my posts were scheduled a week ahead of time & I was definitely failing on staying up-to-date on my favorite blogs. My mom was on Spring Break all last week, so I spent a lot of time shopping & hanging out with her.


I finally got to it & ramped up my Spring cleaning and successfully posted around 40 pieces of clothing up in my Storenvy shop. They are all currently listed as Coming Soon because I have a few more things to put up there. Once that is done, they'll all be available for sale. But if you find something you really want right now, I can write your name down for it ahead of time & it's yours :)
Items include: a plus-size formal dress, LOTS of purses, LOTS of jeans 14+, tops L-3x, shoes 8-10, belts 24+, blazers, jackets, etc. Definitely should go check it out!

Friday night, I went out for dinner at Wildwood with Beth & Sarah. Just as we got to the restaurant it started snowing/raining! Ugh! But I had the best Portabello Melt & fries + 2 Shock Tops. So yummy!

After, we drove across the street to the mall to go stalk Sarah's boyfriend & brother + take crazy pictures in the photobooth machine.


As we were waiting for our photos to print, we totally forgot that they replay the video of you in the photobooth on the OUTSIDE! haha. So of course, we had to nonchalantly cover it up...


One of my Luther Nursing friends, Mallory, had her OB rotation up here at Mayo all day & she wanted to stop at the mall to buy her graduation dresses so I met up with her to help her shop & we stopped for Caribou & caught up on everything I'm missing. It was soooo nice to just talk & find out what everyone is up to. Although, it did make me miss Luther & all my nursing buddies even more. Only a little over a month until I see them!

We've also been dog & house sitting my Aunt & Uncle's dog, Bear, so I went up to their house for a bit. 


My mom & I made the rest of the Loveless Cafe biscuits we had for brunch. Delicious. My brother stopped by for the night on his way back to Winona (he was up in Duluth visiting friends this weekend). I watched some Netflix & made dinner for everyone. Very relaxing!


  1. Sounds like a fun weekend! Cute photobooth pics :) I hate how those things always show you posing on the outside. I always get embarrassed, lol.

  2. Hilarious...didn't even know they still had photobooths in the mall! My husband and I had one at our wedding and some of the guests did not realize that we got a cd with ALL of the pictures on it...there were some frantic text messages when they discovered this, lol!