April 5, 2013

Happies & Crappies

The Vintage Modern Wife: Happies and Crappies Link Up 
- Irresponsible people in positions of power irk me. No further details will be provided.
- My spring cleaning is behind schedule, in part due to the above problem.
- All this Easter candy is just sitting here all up in my face saying "C'mon, just one piece won't hurt..."
- I had coffee with the BFF's on Wednesday. Mmmm...
-  We've been having highs around 50 the last few days here in Minnesota...finally! Now if all the snow would melt.
- I opened my store for previews of things I'm selling. I'll put them officially for sale once I get everything posted. Right now there's a bunch of shoes, plus-size belts, & TONS of purses plus a few odds & ends. Once my spring cleaning kicks into full gear expect a butt load of plus-size clothes up for sale!
- There are two houses for rent: one on the same street as me & another about 3 blocks up. Both in walking distance of jobs and both are 3 bedrooms. Divided three ways, the rent is basically the cheapest you can find in Rochester. Me and my BFF were talking &, come summer, if we are both still in Rochester with no prospects of moving soon & our budgeting looks good (oh, and if the houses are still available...fingers crossed!), we might inquire into them. I'm so ready to move out and feel like an adult. No one tells you how tough it is moving back home from college.
- I'm going out for dinner & drinks with said BFF's tonight at Wildwood. This place should pay me for as much time as I spend there...
Hope you're enjoying this beautiful weather!

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