April 30, 2013

A Nurse's Routine

Today I'm linking up with Anna & Paige for the monthly nursing topic!
This month? A Nurse's Routine.
I haven't had a real Nursing job yet, so I thought I would write about clinicals.
The best way to prepare for clinical is deep breaths, a mini pep talk about how you rock & are going to be an awesome nurse & today is gonna go great. Oh, and always eat at least a little bit of something. You may not know when you'll get your lunch break &, for me at least, dealing with bodily fluids on an empty stomach always makes me a little queazy.
Winding down requires a few things:
PJ's or Sweats
Your favorite movie or TV show
A few good friends
Your choice: Cookie Dough, Brownies, or Ice Cream
*Or you could combine all three of those & take a trip to the Whippy Dip for a Tornado like some of us did at 10pm after clinicals in Decorah.*
I mean, you definitely should snack on carrots and apples because we're nurses after all!
I've always found it best if you've had a rough clinical to share it with your fellow nursing students. Chances are highly likely they know exactly how you feel and can make you feel a whole lot better.
One of the girls in my nursing class had an interview for a job in North Carolina this past week and one of the questions they asked her was "What do you do to wind down after a stressful clinical?"
Her reply?
Eat cookie dough.
I mean, it's best to be truthful, right?
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  1. that's awesome. :) But it's true! nothing quite like sweets to help de-stress.