March 25, 2013

March Music Mix Up

I participated in the Music Mix Up over on The K.O. Story again this month. I love this swap! I love music & finding new songs & artists that I love is a plus. And I love getting others to listen to new artists they may not have heard of before too!

This month's theme was SPRING BREAK! What's better than Spring Break? Heck, two years ago at this time I was preparing to head down to Nashville. And we all know how much I love Nashville!

I was paired with Amy from Love & Hot Chocolate this month. She is such a sweetie! And she's getting married this Spring!! YAY!

I love my CD! So many good songs & the perfect Spring Break mix!

 And isn't her stationary the cutest?!

To link up in April, make sure you check out Kim's blog! To see what songs I sent Amy, check out her blog!


  1. Never can go wrong with a little Mr. Aldean :)

  2. Awesome mix! And hey, I actually know a few of the songs (that's a big deal to me haha.)
    I love that there's a Maroon 5 song on yours, and a different one one mine, AND I almost put a different one on the one I made for Kim. I'm thinking they're a good spring break band : ]

  3. Your songs are so fun! Train and Maroon 5 are both fantastic spring break songs. Amy did so great!

  4. So glad you love your CD :) happy to have become blogging friends!!