November 13, 2012

The Best Gift I've Received

A couple of days ago I told you all about our Nursing Banquet and how we had to write a story about the best gift we've ever received that is not tangible. Here's my story:

It was the beginning of a long clinical on the ENT floor at Mayo. I had been assigned to do my oral report in post-conference that day and knew I needed time during the day to write everything out about my patient. I was assigned to work with my first real trach patient with a nurse who, as Jenn put it, was "different". My first interaction with the patient's family was his tearful wife telling me how uncomfortable she felt with the nurse and how much she wasn't getting the help or information she needed. That day, I had the gift of not only advocating for my patient and his family, but giving them the knowledge they needed to be confident in leaving the facility and providing care at home. I was given the gift of being reassured of how great a nurse I will be and how thankful they were to have me there for support and guidance when they needed it most. Even though I didn't get the time I wanted to complete my assignment, I learned valuable nursing lessons that day that will stick with me for the rest of my career.

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