October 20, 2012

Starting Over

My nursing school schedule these next 2 weeks are CRAZY! So I probably won't be posting much (sad day!). Not only do I have the draft of my HUGE senior paper due Tuesday November 6th (and I'm only 1/4 done), but I have:
2 videos for 2 different classes due
an outline for Community
a powerpoint for Community
a tabling session Wednesday night for Community
a Community test November 5th
my last Same Day Surgery IV Start
countless clinicals and 
my huge OB case study when I get called in to see a birth. 

But you guys didn't want to hear all that, right?!

On the bright side, I was looking at nursing openings at Mayo Clinic and I found one for Organ Transplant general floor, Ortho, and Oncology/Hospice. I liked my Oncology clinical last year and I always have Ortho patients down here in Decorah, so those two seem like viable options, but I wish I had more of a selection. Any nurses have opinions/experience on any of those floors? Advice?

I will leave you all with this lovely poem I wrote for my Senior Literature class back in high school called "Starting Over".

"i am the master of my fate; i am the captain of my soul." - invictus

When the time comes, I'll be ready
But not now, not today
I have yet to have enough space to
Fly away
Until then I won't think about it -
Out of sight, out of mind -
But I must learn on my own,
Lessons learned in time
Take a chance along and learn how to
Start over

I'm sure I'll be fine
I know how to fly
But to use my wings
I need open spaces to
Fly away
From the predictability of the old, used to, so far
Comes at me like a fastball
Out of no where, I won't be made to
Ever have to think of
Starting over

But then it happens -
The fastball!
And surprisingly I'm ready
I'm where I'm meant to be
Ready to make like a bird and
Fly away
Throw caution to the wind,
Learn from my mistakes,
Take chances, mess up, do wrong
And maybe somewhere I'll learn from the
Starting over

All this will help me grow
And maybe someday I'll know
That tomorrow is mine to grab
Mold it into my own memories -
Moments in passing that will burn an image in my mind -
If only I can
Fly away
Take the chance and seize the day
But only by
Starting over

Alright, everyone, say it with me - AWWWW! See you on the other side of my crazy nursing school life!


  1. found your blog through Jessica's giveaway!

    I am from Minnesota too, and used to spend alot of time in Rochester!

    I am your newest follower, excited to follow a fellow MN blogger:)


  2. oh gosh, you sound like you'll be SO busy. :( hang in there girl!! organ transplant is something I've always wanted to learn more about (we don't do them at my hospital), but I bet any of those experiences would be great though. Tell us what you end up with!