September 4, 2012

Nursing Tuesday

1. Where do you see yourself and your nursing practice in 10 years?
Well, I will be almost 34 years old. I hope to have my career established in either Pediatrics or the NICU and (preferably) working at Mayo Clinic in Rochester. I hope I have a routine and groove down and know what I am doing (because right now it sure doesn't feel like it!). I hope I can pass on some of my learned wisdom to nursing students like some of my nurses and professors do for me.

Personally, I hope to be happily married with at least 2 kids (although after Friday's OB class, that's debatable!)

 Mayo Clinic's Plummer Library in Rochester, MN (aka where I spent most of my non-school hours last year)

2. What was your first doctor confrontation like? (or most memorable, if you can't remember the first)
I don't really remember my first doctor confrontation. It was probably something like being in the room doing my assessment when the docs were rounding and me just listening in the background.

My most memorable was during my 12 hour ICU clinical in the Medical ICU. I don't quite remember all the details of my patient, but he needed a tube slid down his throat to visualize something or other. I was assisting my nurse in drawing up meds for the procedure and once finished with that, I turned around and the doc (who was apparently like this head-honcho dude in the department who is one of the best doctors in the world to do this procedure) said he needed some of the sterile water which was on the counter behind me. Everything seemed like it was in some rush and so I grabbed the bottle to pour it, but got so flustered, I just handed it to my nurse to pour and give to the doc. I guess doctors will always feel intimidating as a new nurse!

3. Which would your rather: heavy GI bleed patient, trach patient with copious secretions, a projectile vomitter, or a patient with a colostomy bag that will not stay on? (spell check is telling me vomitter isn't a word)
 I'll pass on the GI bleed and vomiting patient. 
I don't mind colostomy bags, but getting it to stay on seems like a pain in the butt. 
I'll go with the trach with secretions. I actually had a patient like that during one of my last clinicals at Mayo last April. I was in the room vitually the whole 6 hours suctioning and laying down new gauze and cloths around his neck. But as long as I only have 1 other easy patient at the same time and someone to help with suctioning, I'll take it!

4. If you could warn your patients to avoid one thing off the hospital menu, what would it be?
I would not know since I don't eat hospital food, but all my professors told us that the Macaroni & Cheese up at Mayo is delicious.

5. Do you have a nurse idol? If so, who and why?
Probably my cousins who really started my interest in nursing. And a few of my professors: Jayme, Corine, and Jen. Awesome ladies who have wonderful careers!

I also really like reading all of you nurse's blogs. They really inspire me as to what's on the other side of the seemingly never-ending nursing school.

And my classmates, even though we're not nurses yet. They are all going to be AMAZING nurses!

6. If you could push one piece of medical equipment out the window, which one would it be?
Well, some days IV pumps! But probably cardiac monitors only because they confuse the heck out of me.

7. What do look forward to MOST when you go to work? (or clinical?)
Meeting my patient and getting to know them and hopefully making them feel like I want to be there to help them. And I always look forward to moments when you feel so confidant in what you're doing!

8. What body system intimidates you most? (neuro, cardio, respiratory, GI, GU, Musculoskeletal, integumentary, endocrine? did I miss any?)
Hands down, CARDIAC!!!! I am not good with the gajillion meds that some CHF patients are on and, like I said, cardiac monitors can take a leap.

It probably doesn't help that the floor I was on at Mayo for cardiac was super intimidating in and of itself because the nurses were so experienced and competent that I felt so stupid!

9. What advice would you give to someone who is considering the nursing profession?
If you have the determination and motivation and YOU want this (not your mom or Grandma or your friend who is in nursing), then GO FOR IT! It's definitely a tough major and some of the classes suck, but it is so rewarding and some of the amazing moments in clinical make up for all the studying and bad class days :)

10. If you hadn't become a nurse, what would you have done?
Elementary Education. I can't imagine myself having already graduated in El. Ed. and actually teaching a classroom of kiddos. What was I thinking?


  1. interesting answers! I loved reading these. It's funny, trachs/secretions were the thing I DIDN'T want out of that list!! :)
    And I absolutely agree with #7, feeling confident in taking care of a patient is the BEST feeling.

  2. I would also take a trachy anytime over the rest! :)