September 11, 2012

10 Day Challenge: Day 6


So I haven't done any of the rest of these 10 Day Challenge Link-ups, but I am at a loss of what to post (& I haven't posted since Friday!). This always happens when I start back up at school because I get so busy. Seriously. I had clinical from 8am-10:45am, rushed back to campus to change and get to class by 11am-12pm, more class 12:15-1:15, then race back home to change, pack my dinner, and get ready for clinical 2:30-9:45pm and I had charting until 11:30pm. LONG DAY!

1. Nashville, TN. No explanation needed. Just see my previous posts. Plus I applied for the Vanderbilt Medical Center Nurse Residency Program for January 2013 & I'm super excited about it.

2. Rochester, MN. Of course, my hometown. I miss working at Mayo!

3. Decorah, IA. My college town will always hold a dear place in my heart (even though it is too small for my own good).

4. La Crosse, WI. This city holds so many fun concert memories for me.

5. Chicago, IL. I loved this city when I visited and I want to go again!

6. I can't think of another one! Tell me about your city & why I should love it!!


  1. Welcome to the link up! I totally understand life during nursing school! pretty crazy! I hope you get your residency program, that sounds awesome!

  2. nashville, yes please!!

    great list!

  3. Thanks for hopping in this week--hope you'll stick around for a while :) Rochester, MN is where my parents met-- My mom is from Albert Lea!

  4. A fellow Nashville, TN lover?! And I have family in MN. Also, I'm from Iowa! Crazy! So glad I came across your blog! Good luck with Vanderbilt!

    Have a great week!

  5. Seriously good luck with Vanderbilt!! I've had several friends who have done that and love it there!