August 27, 2012

Weekend in Review

Well I am all moved into Luther & blogging from my room in a Baker Village townhouse. My housemates are super sweet (even though I don't really know them!). And I am sore, sore, sore from this weekend.

I finished packing up most of my stuff and getting things together for the weekend. We packed up the car with all of my sister's college stuff. My cat was being a bad little kitty this weekend while we were trying to pack!

Packing seriously sucks major.

We finished packing up my brother's truck with their college things. We found my cat like this in the morning when we went to get some stuff.

My brother's truck was PACKED!

We hit the road around 7:45am & arrived in Winona a little before 9am. A swarm of St. Mary's upperclassman bombarded our car & truck & took everything up to my sister's third floor dorm. Which, by the way, HUGE for 2 people. A walk in closet! A sink with shelves and a mirror! And a huge living/sleeping space. Super jealous. But not of living in the dorm.

After we got some stuff sorted & emptied and picked up Hannah's ID and books, we stopped by my brother's house that he's renting in Winona with 4 other guys. Can you say classy?...

We made a Walmart run & ate lunch at this pub called Bub's which was super yummy. My mom went to an advisor meeting while my sister was at her floor meeting & me and Josh set up her TV/DVD player and desk area.  Then we left.

When we got back into town, we made a pitstop at my aunt's house to visit my cousins & their new baby who were visiting for the day. SO CUTE!!!

When we got home, we literally unpacked the empty boxes from the car and repacked it with all of my stuff. WE. WERE. EXHAUSTED!

Puppy was sad everyone was leaving him :(

I woke up during the night in so much pain! I thought it was some stomachache or something, but it's my abdominal muscles. I lifted a bunch of heavy stuff moving my sister in and packing up the car with my stuff and must have pulled the muscles.

This delayed us leaving town until 9:45am. I literally rode down in the car with an ice pack glued to my stomach. The pain came and went throughout the day, but I got all my stuff moved in. But I definitely DO NOT have it put away yet. My room is a disaster.

My mom & I made a Walmart run & stopped for a late lunch at Family Table. And guess what I forgot at home? My remote for my TV! Haha. So we had to get another one at Walmart.

The view from my room is kind of pretty.

I literally got in my PJ's, turned off the light, and crawled in bed at 8pm because I was so tired. I almost fell asleep, but my roomies wanted to figure out the kitchen cabinets at 9:30pm so I aborted that plan. It took us practically 1.5 hours to divide up the cabinets. I put some IcyHot on my abs, took an Aleeve, and fell asleep around 11:30pm.

This morning I went across the lot to the Baker Common Building and sat on the patio to drink my coffee and eat breakfast. I think I might make that a weekend routine.

Now I need to spend the day organizing my room so I can just hang out and relax tomorrow since Wednesday we start classes (EEK!)



  1. goodness what a weekend girl! im sure your pup was happy when everyone came back home ha what an adorable pic! so happy i came across your blog too! i cant wait to read more in the future! if you're interested, i'm hosting a giveaway that ends Friday (vera braldy and starbucks are some of the prizes) i think you'd be interested in! have a great monday! xo

  2. I always dreaded packing up to go back to school, and then unpacking once I got there! I'm sure it will be worth it though and you will have a great semester! Lucky girl with that view!