July 10, 2012

Weekend in Review

This weekend was pretty eventful & fun (up until Sunday night that is).

Friday morning, I went to the mall, Target, & Bed, Bath, & Beyond and ended up getting a tank I could wear for job interviews (!) under a blazer. It's super cute too! I also got a pair of really comfy capris. We also went shopping for my sister's bedding for her dorm. Friday night, I headed over to my BFF Beth's townhouse & Caitlin came over and we had spaghetti, breadsticks, and cookie cake. Then we watched Tangled (after debating which movie to watch for like a half hour!). It was so much fun & Beth's new puppy, Noelle, is too cute! Her townhouse is amazing as well!



Saturday evening, Hannah & I met up with my college roomie, Megan, for some Mexican food & Margaritas at Fiesta Cafe. Why, yes, we did have 2 rounds of Margaritas while we sat on the patio - perfection!  We caught up and shared some stories. Then we went to see Magic Mike. GO SEE IT, LADIES! It's actually a really good movie &, c'mon, Channing Tatum, Alex Petyfer, & Matt Bomer were easy on the eye!

Megan invited me and Hannah over to her apartment so we could lay out & go in the pool since it was such a nice day. Bad. Idea. It was so much fun & felt so good. However, we stayed out from around 1:30pm to 5:00pm. This is why the weekend ended so bad.


I ended up with horrible sunburn on my legs and back. My legs have gotten a ton better and don't really bother me anymore, but my back hurts so, so bad. Sunday night into Monday, I got a total of maybe 4 hours of sleep (not all at once) on the couch & in a recliner. I took 4 naps yesterday to make up for sleep. Then, last night, I took some Excedrin PM and slept in my bed from 9:45pm to 5:00am, but then I woke up in such pain, I had to sit in the living room from then on. I tried some vinegar on the burn today and it's helped a little bit, but I just want to be able to lay down to sleep normally.

My thigh on Sunday night

Plus, the burn on my leg is splotchy. Not cute at all.

My leg on Sunday night

Alas, this is how I spent most of the day yesterday...


I'm hoping it doesn't hurt as bad by Friday so I can go bowling with Beth!


  1. Oh no! Sunburns are the absolute worst, doll-- so sorry to hear it. Aloe plants really help & they're like $3 usually... the only place I really burn is on my shoulders & top of my back, I cannot imagine my legs, ouch!

    Hope it fades soon!

  2. Ouch! It's so nice to spend all day outside though! Hopefully your burns turn into a nice tan soon!