May 24, 2011

L-U-T-H-E-R. Luther! Luther! LUTHER!

Before Senior Send-off. Nursing Home First Semester (minus Stacy & Laura)

The Nursing Home Second Semester (minus Katie) at Senior Send-off with "Martin Luther"

All of the girls heading to Senior Send-off

Most of the Nursing majors at the bar crawl.

On our way to graduation!

I graduated!!

Well, kind of. I still have 1.5 years of Nursing school, but 1 year of that will be spent here at home in Rochester doing classes & clinicals at Mayo Clinic.

But, nonetheless, I graduated!! And I'm so thankful I got to walk with some of my best friends.

Senior Week 2011 started Thursday morning and continued all the way up to graduation & I had so much fun! Senior Send-off on Thursday was filled with good friends, good food, & good music. Our Nursing bar crawl on Thursday night was EPIC to say the least. Nursing majors are very crazy, I must say. On Friday we went out to T-Bock's for supper one last time for Sara's 23rd birthday and then played Apples to Apples. Saturday morning, my roomies got their Nursing pin in a ceremony & all of our families gathered at our house for a potluck. We walked down to the Sugar Bowl for some yummy yummy ice cream, came back & ate more greasy food and then headed to Baccelaureate. We woke up on Graduation morning & ate some rhubarb apple crisp for breakfast. After graduation & pictures, we packed up the rest of our house and said our goodbyes and moved out. And to top off an eventful weekend, on our way home to Rochester, we got pulled off the road in Harmony because the Tornado sirens were going off and the power was out. We stood in a Kwik Trip bathroom, in the dark with some other Luther grads that were heading home for about 45 minutes before it was safe to leave again. Good thing we pulled over too because the tornado touched down about a mile from us. Scary! The pictures above are just some from Senior Week. More graduation photos will be added when I have time. I'm deep cleaning my room & getting new furniture this afternoon so I've been really busy!
Some of the damage of the tornado in Harmony.

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