March 7, 2011

30 Day Photo Challenge

I've seen this 30 Day Photo Challenge going around Facebook and the blog world for awhile now so I thought I'd take part. Maybe it will get me to start blogging more again in the midst of my CRAZY school schedule!

Day 01: A picture of yourself with 10 facts

Yes, I used my Ke$ha picture from Halloween as the picture for today.
No, I have no shame in doing so.
Now for 10 facts....let's see....

1. I only seriously applied to 3 colleges: Luther, Winona State University, & Viterbo University.

2. I was one stamp on an envelope away from attending Viterbo University. I was just about to send in my deposit when I decided to attend Luther. WIN!

3. I have switched my major back & forth. A lot. I wanted to be a teacher until the end of my sophomore year in high school. Then I wanted to be a nurse & applied to all those schools for nursing. Then I got to college & went back to education. Then I finally changed it back to nursing in the spring of my second year at Luther.

4. I have never been out of the midwest before. The farthest I've been away from home is Chicago, IL & I was only there for a weekend. That will all change in 12 days when I go to Tennessee with the girls!!

5. I peed my pants during recess in 1st grade. It was embarrassing. I got sent to the office & told I could go home. I told my friends I was sick & everyone was saying feel better. Haha!

6. The lowest grade I've received in college thus far was a C+ in Microbiology last semester. I hope I never see that grade on my transcript again.

7. My roomies and I have become slightly addicted to trivia shows in the last few months. We watch Who Wants to be a Millionaire and Jeopardy almost everyday without fail. In fact, that's what I'm going to do in 5 minutes :)

8. Apparently, when I'm drunk and want to dance, I throw my head around. It happened this weekend. My neck kills. No lie.

9. My first actual stadium concert ever was the Blake Shelton one I went to back in January. It was so exciting. I can't wait to attend more!

10. I read like 50 or more blogs on here. And every blog I read has the most interesting writers. Seriously, I feel like I could be friends with them. I love you all.

Now off to refuel my brain cells after this weekend by watching Jeopardy!

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