January 3, 2011

A Year in Review

Again, long time no see Miss Blog!! I (thankfully) finished up fall semester intact. I PASSED MICRO! With a C+, but I passed no less. I had a wonderful (except for the whole 3 days of a 102 degree fever!), but far too short Christmas break & am now back at Luther taking my Paideia Capstone class this month. There's only 4 of us living in the house right now so it's really quiet and odd since it was always so full of commotion!

I've seen a couple of other blogs do a little "Year in Review" type thing & I thought I'd try and attempt one too!

January = I spent the month at home (since I wasn't taking a class) & was completely lazy. We adopted our cat, Simba.

February = I began Spring Semester of my junior year of college, which brought with it the dreadful CHEMISTRY. I started blogging on a more regular basis. Cassie turned 11. I found out I got into the Nursing Program! I went to Americana for the first time with Cat, Caitlin, & Justin for an 80's Party. I helped cheer the Saints onto victory in the Superbowl even though I was the only one. I also helped cheer Jeff & Jordan on during The Amazing Race & they won the first leg! One Tree Hill began one of the saddest storylines & Ali left on The Bachelor - both sucky. I was obsessed with reading Dear John.

March = I found out my cousin Emily was pregnant. I heard about a sweet band called She & Him. I endured a brutal midterms before heading home for SPRING BREAK. I went shopping at River Hills Mall in Mankato. I became obsessed with The Last Song (the book & the movie). I lost my Duke sweatshirt. I applied for a bunch of jobs. I interviewed for one. I got offered none. My mom celebrated her birthday.
April = I went home for Easter break. I came back & picked up a stomach virus. I became obsessed with A Bend in the Road (notice a Nicholas Sparks theme here?). It was unusually warm for April in Iowa. I felt very giddy & girly. I found out I get to participate in graduation with my class. I thought about traveling abroad. I started getting excited to go home for the summer. Devin turned 9. I saw How to Train Your Dragon in 3D for free. I finally made a new One Tree Hill video. And a Jeff & Jordan video. Miss Beth turned 21! The House That Built Me became my favorite song. A neighbor of mine at Luther submitted an audition video for Glee. Kate turned 4. I had an amazing night out with Caitlin & Trevor.
May = My family came to visit. I had a not-so-awesome night out with Caitlin & Justin. Miss Sarah turned 21! I celebrated Mother's Day without my mom or grandma. I had a blast at the Spring Drag Ball with some great friends! I had another not-so-awesome night out. I was in a frenzy studying for finals & packing up everything in my dorm. We had so much fun at an Active Minds study break making root beer floats & stress balls. I finished Chemistry!! I struggled with saying goodbye for the summer to some of my really good friends. I went home for the summer!


June = I made another new One Tree Hill video. Sammie, Megan, & Stasi all turned 21! Marissa & Jenny both celebrated birthdays! Caitlin, Sarah, & I went out to Applebees for drinks. I read a TON of books. We celebrated my Grandma's birthday! I started cooking a lot. The Rochesterfest Parade got rained out. So You Think You Can Dance began. Josh turned 20!



July = The 4th of July got rained out. My blogging started fading off because I wanted to spend more time with my family before summer ended. I saw Josh Thompson in concert for free.

August = I went to Country on the River in Prairie Du Chien, WI & saw Back Home Boys, The Lost Trailers, Emerson Drive, Terri Clark, & Blake Shelton! I went to lunch with my best friends before we headed back to college for our senior year. I went to the Como Zoo with my mom & sister. I didn't blog at all. I moved into the Nursing Home at Luther for my senior year of college/my first year of Nursing school!

September = I started the most dreadful class ever in history - MICROBIOLOGY. I started my semester adventure with the most amazing housemates ever! I got my first taste of overindulging on a night out, if ya know what I mean....I had my first nursing clinical. Stacy turned 23! Karina turned 22! And our house celebrated both! We had a bonfire at Erin's house & fostered 2 beautiful baby kittens, Flo & Maz, who were abandoned by their mother - from feeding them through a bottle to warming them under a lamp & heating pad to helping/teaching them to go to the bathroom :) My cousin Brayden was born! And Elliot turned 1 the next day!

October = Hannah turned 17! We watched the sunset at Palisade's Park. We were told we had to find the kittens a new home. I went home for Fall Break. I went to the Women's Fall Expo. A butthole cop decided they needed to be stupid to a college student. Some of my housemates got a little crazy with eye makeup. Our house had a Halloween scary moviethon, Halloween dinner, & went out for the first time all of us together.

November = Caitlin & I turned 22! We had many a movie night. I went home for Thanksgiving. I attended my first PRN banquet. I had my last fall semester clinical. My high school won the 2010 State 2A Football championship!

December = I attended my 4th Christmas at Luther performance with some of my housemates. Four of my housemates received their Nursing pin & we celebrated with a bunch of our families. I had my first Nursing lab test out. We had many a house gathering since the semester was ending. We got snowed in our last weekend & all went & built giant snowmen on our front lawn. I WAS FINALLY DONE WITH MICRO! I ended a wonderful semester with the best housemates. Stacy, Laura, & Tess graduated. I had a horrible fever & missed our house dinner in Rochester. I celebrated a wonderful Christmas & New Years Eve with family. I got a ticket to the Blake Shelton, Easton Corbin, & Steel Magnolia concert in January.

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