November 20, 2010

*Hides in shame*

I'd like to start off by saying how ashamed I am of basically abandoning this blog when it was essentially my baby this past summer, but I kid you not - I have been INSANELY busy this semester at school.

I've been taking my first nursing course & doing clinicals at one of the local nursing homes which has been an amazing experience & just made me validate how right my choice was to change my major to nursing. I love what I am doing, even though it is a lot of hard work. The only not so fun thing is that this semester I am also taking Microbiology as a requirement for the program & it is the hardest class in the history of all classes. We have to get a C in the course as a requirement for nursing & right now, as far as I now, I am BARELY holding onto a C with a 75%. I pray pray pray that this stays throughout the last few grades & tests we have left cause I cannot afford to go back to a C-! I'm also taking an extremely frustrating social work class for my minor. The teacher is so boring & does not understand that he has a variety of majors in his class. He does the same boring thing everyday, doesn't explain the assignments, & relates everything to social workers. Everyone is getting horrible grades on his papers because he is such an unfair grader.

On a more positive note, this semester living in our campus house has been so much fun! We've named it the Nursing Home since we're all seniors & we're all nursing majors. We even made T-shirts that are adorable! I have loved getting to know these 6 other girls even more. Four of them are graduating in December so the rest of us will miss them dearly. No one can replace them. We've had family dinners, birthday parties, late nights, movie parties, food fights, & nursing talk like no other & it has been such great fun. Nowhere else would you come over for dinner & be surrounded by talk of BM's, live births, "men's" health, & IV's!
In September, we went over to a fellow nursing majors farm that's just outside of town & she had come across a 1 week old kitten who's mom abandoned it. It was living in a box outside the house since they don't let their cats inside so our house took it upon itself to bring the kitten home to get it warm & feed it since it hadn't been eating. We named it Flo after the founder of nursing, Florence Nightengale. Soon after we welcomed another kitten from the same litter because apparently the mom was injured by a car. They look exactly alike. We named this one Maz after Maslow's Hierarcy of Needs. A couple weeks later of course we found out that Flo was actually a boy & Maz was a girl, but their names stuck nonetheless! haha :) However, someone must have told our Area Coordinator about the kittens because we were told to get rid of them since we weren't supposed to have pets in our house. This was very upsetting & made us all angry because we rescued these cats. The other 2 from the same litter died because of the cold. If we wouldn't have rescued Flo & Maz, they would be dead too. We were very watchful of them so they didn't ruin anything in the house & never once were irresponsible in regards to them. So we sent them home with one of the girl's in our house over Fall Break since she only lives an hour away. They are currently living there. We haven't seen them for a little over a month. They are currently about 2.5 months old & have apparently grown SOOO much! We might bring them back for the next couple days since we leave for Thanksgiving Break on Tuesday. The AC said they would check to see that we got rid of them & come by every so often to make sure they didn't return, but have they? NO! If we kept up our side, they should keep up theirs! So what are the chances they'll check in the next 3 days?
Yesterday, I turned 22! So exciting & completely surreal & scary. I can't believe I'm already 22! It was a great day since hardly anyone in the house had class. We just chilled & went out to dinner at T-Bocks (& had a very rude waiter! who was the owner no less!) & then went & rented Grown Ups & watched that. We also had cake with oreo frosting which was yummy!

Other than that, this semester has just been full of a bunch of us finishing our senior papers, learning new nursing things, getting to know each other, & having fun! Sorry for the insanely long post to catch you all up! Here are some pictures of the semester so far:

The first Friday night of the year (Karina, Brittany, Megan, me, & Kadie Jo)
The first Saturday night of the year (which did not end well as is evidanced by the 5 liquor bottles in front of us) (Karina, me, & Megan)
Some of the 1st Saturday night crew (Laura, me, Megan, Kadie Jo, Karina, & Paige)
Bonfire at Erin's farm with some of Erin's cats (Sarah, Brittany, Megan, & me)

Stacy's birthday (Brittany, Laura, Tess, Megan, Stacy, Karina, & me)
Karina's birthday in our awesome shirts (Me, Brittany, Karina, Tess, Laura, Megan, & Stacy)


Sunset at Palisade's Park
Flo with a pumpkin
They like to cuddle!
Flo the day they left
A pirate, Where's Wanda?, Paris Hilton, Ke$ha, an Army wife, a Bride, & a gumball machine on Halloween
Acting like our usual crazy selves!

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