June 24, 2010

ThuRSday's ThoUghts

  • I finished reading "Sisters" by Danielle Steel this morning! It's 410 pages, but it's such a good book. I highly recommend it to all the ladies out there. Like I said before, it's pretty shocking in the beginning, & there are some surprises towards the middle/end of the book, but - no worries - there's a happy ending!
  • Does anyone watch So You Think You Can Dance? This year's format is a little different than past years. There is only a top 11 & each week one of those dancers is paired with an All-Star from a past season to dance in their genre. Last night's dances were, with the exception of 2 or 3, really really good! I'm really liking Lauren, Kent, Ashley, Jose, & Billy. Who are your favorites? Any did anyone cry after watching Lauren & Dominic's lyrical hip-hop dance to "If I Were a Boy" by Beyonce??! It was depicting an abusive relationship & it gave me chills.
Hopefully the video works for you! YouTube tends to copyright the SYTYCD videos, but I was able to find this one.
  • Tomorrow at 6:15pm is the Rochesterfest Parade here in town. A bunch of my extended family usually all sit together to watch it & it's supposed to be a gorgeous day tomorrow so hopefully I will have some pictures to put up Saturday or Monday!

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  1. i may just have to read that book. thanks girl.
    that dance is amazing. i love it. and that parade sounds like its going to be a blast. have a great weekend.