April 30, 2010

May Day!

Happy (early) May Day!

Tomorrow my family is coming to visit then I have Drag Ball at night and then Caitlin and I are probably going out (hehe...) so I won't get a change to post.

Also, tomorrow is my best friend Sarah's 21st birthday! Even though I won't get to celebrate with her, I will see her in like 3 weeks and I can't wait! I hope she has a fabulous day!

February 2006 - Movie Star Day during Turnabout Week. We dressed up as the Sisterhood. Sarah's in the cool paints that she made to look like the ones in the book!

May 2007 - Pirates of the Caribbean 3 premiere. Most of our senior class all went together. Sarah's in black.

August 2007 - Caitlin, Hannah, Sarah, & I at the 1st annual Formal Night

September 2007 - Caitlin, Sarah, & I at the LHS Homecoming football game

July 2008 - Sarah & I after our first year in college

April 2009 - Sarah & Caitlin during Spring Break last year

May 2009 - Sarah during our Sisterhood Reunion Lunch last May

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