March 29, 2010

No Bueno.

Again, I haven't updated in like 2 or 3 weeks! This semester has been CRAZY! Before Spring Break, I had a lab report due, a psych test, and a physiology test. Last week, I was on Spring Break. I didn't really do anything special. Just went back home to Rochester and relaxed. We went to the River Hills Mall in Mankato and went shopping & celebrated my mom's birthday two days early (Today's her actual birthday!). I got back to Luther yesterday afternoon & figured out late last night that I must have dropped my Duke sweatshirt somewhere when I was moving my stuff back in so that's gone :( Sad day.

Today, a bunch of teachers loaded on the assignments even though Easter break starts this Friday. (By the way, totally stupid idea on Luther's part! Who has spring break, has the students come back for 4 days of class, and then has Easter break?!) I found out that a chem assignment is due this Thursday, another chem lab report is due the day we get back from break, another chem assignment is due next wednesday, we have a chem test next thursday (& I don't remember ANYTHING...this is fantastic...), and a 4-6 page formal psych paper is due two weeks from today. So much for taking it easy! Sheesh!!

Well at least I finished part of the assignment due this thursday and finished most of the lab report!

Okay - enough of my bitching. On a happy note, I've been applying to a bunch of different jobs for this summer. Most of them are at salons in Rochester. I also applied to Mayo Clinic, a clothing store, and a bridal boutique. I got an interview with JCPenney Salon for this Thursday at 3:30pm. So I have to make sure I get back home in time so I can straighten my hair, put on a little makeup, and look presentable! I'm hoping to also hear back from some of the other salons I applied too. I also can't wait to go home on Thursday afternoon and I get to see baby Elliot on Easter!!!! I haven't seen him since the end of January!

So, in conclusion, sorry for my rambling and complaining about buttloads of school work. I probably won't be able to update for like...another 2 weeks! Hope everyone is having a happy Spring!!

P.S.: I'll leave you with a song that I can't stop listening to..."Love Never Fails" by Brandon Heath. It's going to be Carrie Underwood's wedding song & it is absolutely beautiful!

P.P.S: I'm currently reading "The Last Song" by Nicholas Sparks and can't wait till the movie comes out on Wednesday! It's so good!

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