February 8, 2010

This is unacceptable!

Once again, I have not blogged in months! I swore I would beginning blogging regularly again, but I haven't. My poor, poor blog. So neglected. It probably wishes it was owned by another blogger, who would pay it more attention by blogging about cute stuff everyday. I really don't know what cute stuff to post everyday though.
I've been back at school for about one week. One tough and long week! I guess that's how it always is though when coming back from winter break. After being home for basically a month and a half, you get used to it and then have to come back to school.
I have a feeling I'm gonna get my butt kicked this semester. I'm taking Physiology, Chemistry, and Developmental Psychology. Psych - I'm not worried about. The other two definitely concern me though! But......

I GOT INTO THE NURSING PROGRAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got the acceptance letter last Thursday afternoon & could not be happier. After struggling with what to do, where to go, and everything of the sort, getting my acceptance letter felt like the cherry on top. I know this is what I want to do (even though it's gonna be so tough with physiology and chem this semester and microbiology next fall!) and I'm so glad I made the choice to switch back to Nursing and stay at Luther. Even though I don't know many of the girls in my nursing class because they are all freshman, a lot of them seem like nice girls who I could get along with.

On the last Saturday in January, Marissa, Rob, and Elliot came to visit back in Rochester. Elliot's gotten SOOO big! He seriously has grown SO much since Christmas and is now giggling, babbling, and smiling like crazy! I held him for a long time and he was content to just sit there and stare at all the lights. I wish I could see him more often - I love him so much!

This past Friday, Caitlin, Cat, Justin, and I went to Americana where they had an 80's Party with a band playing cover songs. The band wasn't really that good - it would have been better with just a DJ playing 80's music. And I definitely made the WRONG decision in what shoes to wear! Never wearing heels out again! I have no skin on my pinky toes and it hurts to even walk. That was my first time going out in Decorah and being able to (legally) drink. It was definitely a night to remember. A lot of fun. Saturday, I was going to go out again with Caitlin to Roscoe's, but felt like just staying in a relaxing cause I was super tired from the night before. I curled up with a blanket in my chair and watched The Parent Trap and Law and Order: SVU while reading my latest book (& obsession!), Dear John. Seriously, it is SOOOO good. I promised myself I would finish reading the book before I saw the movie and I have about 50 pages or so to go. I'm at a sad part in the book so I hope everything works out the way I want it to. Nicholas Sparks books usually end up that way though so fingers crossed! Then I have to start reading The Last Song before that comes out in theaters. Such a good few months for movies and books!

Sunday I went to brunch and then went over to Stasi, Sammie, and Kiersten's room all day to hang out. I read like 100 pages or more in Dear John while watching The Princess Diaries and Law and Order: SVU (again!). We then ordered pizza and Trevor, Caitlin, Cat, and Steph came over and we watched the Superbowl. Cat & I were the only ones cheering for the Saints and we won! Yay!

Can't wait for this weekend. The Amazing Race premieres on Sunday night with JEFF & JORDAN!! They are adorable together & I can't wait to see them on TV once again.

I think I'm going to (try to!) post a little something from my computer everyday on here. It won't be my original work most of the time - maybe just something I found from years past on Myspace, Facebook, other websites, Twitter, wherever I find something worth posting. Maybe it will just be a few pictures from the time I've been gone off of here.

Now off to read more of Dear John!

Oh, by the way, how sucky was it that Ali left on The Bachelor to go back to her job!! I loved her. She was perfect for Jake! And he was devestated that she left! I wanted her to win :(

Oh and ALSO, One Tree Hill was so sad tonight! Haley's mom is dying? So sad! Bethany Joy Galeotti was AMAZING in tonight's episode!

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