July 3, 2009

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I haven't written anything on here in a few weeks! But my inspiration has been lacking as of late. I am starting a new Brooke/Lucas/Julian video to "The Way I Loved You" though! I was inspired by this lovely lady's video! Seriously, so talented! So hopefully I'll get it done in the next month or so?
So since I've posted last we've lost many, many great people in the entertainment industry. Ed McMahon, Farah Fawcett, Billy Hays, Michael Jackson. I guess, even though Farrah's and Ed's deaths were huge, they just weren't as shocking to me as the death of MJ. Totally unexpected and saddened. He was an amazing entertainer and his music, to me & many others, is timeless. I hate how people are bringing up so much of the negative stuff surrounding him or making fun of him even in his death. As Kata said in her blog, if bad things were going on, it is up to God to judge him for that. We, on earth, should remember those who have passed in a positive light and make sure they live on. I hope that people can do that.

This past Saturday was my cousin, Stephanie's, wedding shower and bachelorette party. It was so much fun! I, unfortunately, only got to go to Whistle Binkie's with the whole group because I'm not 21 yet so I'm not allowed in any of the bars past 10pm in Rochester. Totally bogus, especially considering that an 18 can be a bartender. I really have been wanting to just go out and have a good time!! Where's Iowa when you need it?! I still had fun though. My mom, mt aunt, Marissa, and I went to Dos Amigos for chips and salsa before hand. Since Marissa's pregnant and can't drink, we were relatively cheap dates and had ourselves a party with Shirley Temples and water! :) However, we sat the whole time with jealous, yearning eyes. haha. But, back to the wedding stuff. Steph's fiance, Pat and his buddies answered questions based on what they thought Steph would say and we got to watch the finished video. Needless to say, it was made during the bachelor party so it was hilarious! I can't believe Steph's getting married in less than a month! I remember growing up with her and hanging out. Her french braiding my hair when Grandma used to babysit us, being at a hotel and finding out the bed accepted quarters to make it shake and her dad putting one in for us, Easter egg hunts in the backyard, trying to emulate everything she did. And now she's getting married. And I'm the next youngest after her!! That just kind of puts everything into perspective with the case of growing up and getting married. Soon enough that will be me! First, I need to find a man...If only a relationship with this guy would work itself out (or if I would get the guts to contact him like RIGHT now!)

Tomorrow's the 4th of July and I'm so excited. Not that we're really doing anything special, but I just love the 4th! Sitting outside with an ice cold drink, grilling, shooting baskets, taking pictures, and relaxing...ahhh. Unfortunately, there's a good chance of rain tomorrow morning/afternoon so I hope it clears up! :\

Blogger/my Internet is being really slow right now so I think I'm gonna close with a few pictures from summer so far! I have more on my camera that I need to upload so expect more soon! :)

Caitlin and I (the Luther's!) during the sisterhood's lunch reunion at Panera back at the end of May

Marissa got asked to be in the juggling routine during the Rochesterfest parade!

She had good reason for this freaked look! They were throwing bowling pins inches in front of her! As my aunt said, "Better protect Baby K!". (She's 5 1/2 months pregnant.)

Steph's wedding shower with her little helpers for gift opening.

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