April 29, 2014

Life is good.

I always thought I would hate working evenings. Granted, "evenings" are only until 8 or 8:30pm (depending on when our last patients come in). But I enjoy that time free for me to do with as I wish.

The more I work 4-8pm shifts though, the more I like them.

Not only do I get to wake up without the aid of an alarm clock, but I can stay in my pajamas as long as I choose. I have time to enjoy my cup of coffee while watching a talk show or a show on my DVR.

I have the time to do laundry, clean, do the dishes, or just lounge around being lazy & watch Netflix. I can take a shower in the afternoon. I'm more motivated to actually do something with my hair and maybe even put on a little bit of makeup before work.

Sometimes (like last night), we have more down time at work to catch up with coworkers and joke around. It's 100x more relaxed than the morning bustle.

Take last night, for example: the crew that was working was all of us younger ones. During those four hours, there was maybe a total of 15 patients and not all at once. We spent a majority of the night cracking jokes, reading gossip magazines, watching videos on YouTube, and snacking on random food. The time flew by and I had a blast and got paid to do it.

I have the same shift tonight with a different crew and I am currently in my pajamas, enjoying my cup of coffee, finally blogging, and thinking of calling my Grandma.

Life is good.

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