March 21, 2014

A Friday of Hope

I got the idea around midnight last night as I was just starting to fall asleep for this post. It was very random and I had to grab my phone & write it down so I wouldn't forget about it.

+ I live somewhere where the snow is melting and the temperatures aren't going to drop back into the 20's this weekend.

+ I find a book or three that makes you want to read in your spare time. There's nothing like a good book that sucks you in.

+ I hope...your bedroom is not full of boxes and random stuff for moving like mine is right now.

+ I know that I'm here if you ever want to talk to someone: to vent, get advice, or just chat.

+ I can jam to a few good songs today.

+ I had a good amount of coffee this morning.

+ I don't mind my insane tweeting lately all the time.

+ I never feel angry or frustrated enough to forcefully grab a child (your child's) arm and kick her in the behind with your foot. This is what I witnessed yesterday while walking into Walmart. The child was maybe, barely, 3 and was playfully running away from her mother, who was loading the car. The mother proceeded to run after her, grab her upper arm, and kick her, literally, in the butt and drag her back to the car. I wish I would have gotten her license number and reported it.

+ I link up with Whitney for #backthatazzup Friday!

19 You & Me by Dan + Shay on Grooveshark

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  1. That woman needs to learn how to treat a child! Such crappy parents!