February 11, 2014

Winter Fashion

I've taken a couple pictures of my outfits in the last few months, so I thought I would do a little "winter fashion" share.

Keep in mind that these pictures were either A.) taken inside which doesn't make for the best backdrop or B.) the one that was taken outside was back on Thanksgiving. You know, when the temperatures in Minnesota weren't -15. Seriously, winter just needs to STOP. Anyone from Nashville want to let me move in with them?

+ My favorite thing to do with fashion in the winter months is layering. This was especially key during college in Iowa when I'd have to walk 15 minutes in the frigid temps just to get to class and/or back home again.

 Sweater: Old Navy // Tank: Dots // Leggings: Avenue // Boots: Avenue (similar)

+ Sweaters are my kryptonite during winter. And spring for that matter. You can literally wear them with anything: dressy or casual. I got this big, chunky sweater from my mom for Christmas and I am obsessed.

 Sweater: Target // Shirt: Old Navy // Jeans: JCPenney (similar) // Boots: Avenue // Jewelery Stand (aka my award): Target

+ Since receiving my favorite boots for my birthday, I will find anything and everything that I can wear them with. My favorite is leggings and dresses. "In Minnesota?!", you may ask. YES! Surprisingly, it keeps me just as warm as if I were wearing jeans.

Sweater: Target // Dress: Target (similar) // Leggings: Avenue // Boots: Avenue

+ My newest thing is anything with leather accents. I believe Paige wrote a post about how she loved this fashion statement, too. It kind of makes me feel a little bad ass. I bought two (yes, TWO) pairs of ponte pants with leather panels down the side of the leg from Target. They are now my favorite pair of pants. If you haven't tried ponte pants, do it! They are similar to leggings in that they are stretchy and super comfy and form to your body shape, but they are a tad thicker than leggings, so you can wear them with a regular shirt instead of a dress or tunic.

 Sweater: Target // Peplum Shirt: Target // Ponte Pants: Target // Heeled Sneakers: Macy's

And may I just say everything in the above outfit was either a gift, on clearance, on sale, or purchased using a gift card!

+ You'll probably hate me for this, but I bought a pair of heeled sneakers because they looked so fun. Some people absolutely hate on these shoes and think they are so ugly. Yes, there are some that are hideous. But I love the pair I bought. They aren't as thin on the sole as some wedges, so they are super comfy and easy to walk in. And paired with the ponte pants? Watch out, baby!

 + I normally love color, but lately I've been liking the black and white color palette. Maybe because it's winter? Maybe it's just a phase?

What are some of your favorite things about winter fashion?

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