December 5, 2013

Christmas Cards Have All Been Sent....

...or have they?

Did you design your Christmas card already? You do know there's less than 3 weeks until Christmas, right?

I have the solution. Pikcal is a great site where you can print picture cards, invitations, and other paper items, as well as calendars, books, and notebooks. And they offer free shipping on all orders! That's a life-saver. Some of those shipping charges are more expensive than the actual product.

Pikcal has over 16 years of experience in printing and publishing and always uses the highest quality papers. They have so many different designs to choose from!

I've chosen just some of my favorites to feature below.

Most of the Christmas cards come as 5x7 cards with matching envelopes in a pack of 12 for $15. Plus, Pikcal is offering all my readers 20% off their order with the code blogcard20. Plus, remember they always have free shipping!

I got the wonderful idea from Kaitlyn at Wifessionals to offer all of you my family's Christmas card via e-mail! Which one of the designs will get the final vote? Will it be a completely different one? Who knows?!

To receive our Christmas card, please click here.

 photo Sig_zpsd9daa49c.png

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  1. I adore those grey and yellow ones! Absolutely adore!