October 23, 2013


Helene in Between

I'll admit it: my Halloweens in the past have always been kind of lame.

I usually end up watching scary movies and eating candy with roommates or family.

I went trick or treating up to 9th grade. My favorite costume? A cheerleader! I wore a crocheted cardigan with a cute little pleated skirt. Oh....and I MADE MY OWN POM-PONS! Out of newspaper. They were pretty sweet.

Through the rest of high school I didn't really celebrate. And we never usually get too many kids in our neighborhood. So fast forward to college.

Freshman year

On the actual Halloween night, we had local children trick or treating in our dorm. My best friend made a requisite stop in my room to show me her (freakin' awesome) German costume.

Halloween weekend, however...different story. A bunch of my floormates and I got all dolled up and, for the first time in our college careers, went to some of the campus houses to "party". I put "party" in quotations because, although I did go to 2 or 3 different houses, some of us (me included) didn't drink and were a little sketch about certain houses and promptly (at no more than midnight, mind you) marched our butts home, took off our makeup, and watched One Tree Hill. Yep.

Sophomore and Junior years were a blur of scary movies and candy. You know, the usual.

Senior year

The MOST FUN Halloween weekend! We had planned a fall house dinner for that Saturday complete with chili, squash soup, cornbread. So yummy and domesticated of us 21-24 year olds.

Then, a few of us took a Walmart run and proceeded to buy 7 of these huge fake glitter color eyelashes and the most god-awful eyeshadow colors. Yes, there were dishes sitting dirty everywhere, but we were all sitting at the table doing each others outrageous makeup. Typical girls.

We all came up with some pretty creative costumes. Mine? Ke$ha. Although my roommate kept calling me Taylor Swift or Carrie Underwood because I was wearing cowboy boots with my dress and tights. 

See our crazy makeup?! And let's just put it out there that my hair was impossible to comb through the next day....

A pirate, Where's Wanda, Ke$ha, a bride, a gumball machine, an army wife, and Paris Hilton

We all went out to the local dance place/bar. We didn't stay very long: only enough to dance for a while and sell those tiny balloons for 25 cents a pop! Yes, people actually did give us money just to pop a balloon. Laundry people! You need quarters!

Our goal wasn't to get wasted and whore ourselves out in some barely there outfits. But we still had a blast and it is one of my favorite memories of living with those girls.

What's your favorite Halloween memory?
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  1. 25 cents a pop.... I'd buy one from you guys just because that is so dang clever.

  2. they let kids trick or treat in the dorm?! that sounds like it could get out of hand quick!! haha and i love that you sold balloons... what a fantastic idea.

  3. I totally agree that Halloween in high school is awkward and lame. I went trick or treating until sophomore year...whoops and after that every Halloween seemed SUPER boring! I love it now though!

  4. I wish they had trick of treating in our dorms! They were super nazi when I was living in the dorm so this would've never gone down haha.

  5. My name is BrieAnna! Close to Breanna! Pronounced the same way I am guessing. The gumball machine is awesome!

  6. haha! the gumball machine costume is awesome!!

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