September 25, 2013

September Nursing Link-Up: Medical TV Shows

Oh, man. I've always loved medical TV shows. I started watching E.R. in probably 6th or 7th grade. And religiously in 8th grade. All because of Dr. Carter and Abby. Swoon. I was literally obsessed with them. In fact, my first AIM screen name was CarbyLuv4Life. Oy vey.

I actually asked a nurse in 9th grade about how she felt medical TV shows portrayed real-life medicine. It was all for a paper shadowing someone that had a job we wanted. She said that she used to watch them more often, but they aren't very real. And ever since she had became a nurse, she didn't really watch them too much because it just reminded her of work. Understandable.

However, I kind of feel the opposite. Yes, they are not real. Duh.

But since starting nursing school, I look at E.R. in a different way. I actually understand what's going on. The "medical jargon" is no longer foreign (for the most part, at least). It actually helped me study for the NCLEX! Read all about that here.

I know, I know: Some of you are saying "But what about Grey's?! Did you see what happened last season?! OMG!".

My answer: "No, no I did not."

I never really got into Grey's Anatomy. Sure, I watched a two of the season finale cliff-hangers (shooter in the hospital and plane crash) and yes, I watched the season premiere the following September to find out what happened. But that's all I've seen of it.

But it is in my Netflix queue, so I'm sure I'll see it sometime.

What's your opinion on Medical TV Shows? Love 'em or hate 'em? Which side are you on: E.R. or Grey's Anatomy?

Carter & Abby 4ever.

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  1. I love Grey's and really want to watch ER from the beginning!

  2. I can't watch the medical shows anymore honestly. I used to love Greys. then I became a nurse. The turning point for me was when I watched them defibrillate a patient who had asystole. I got so mad at such a minor detail but inaccurate. I stopped watching.

  3. I love/d them both. ER - I was a Carter + Abby fan too and so sad that didn't happen. I love everything about Grey's.

  4. I love Scrubs. I've always loved it, and now that I'm a Nursing student, I love it even more. I never got into ER or Grey's.

  5. ER WAS THE BEST! I was obsessed with that show and watched every darn episode of it religiously.