August 8, 2013

Guest Post: Meet Dara from Not in Jersey!

One of the great things about blogging is all the different people you meet! Everyone says this, but I can vouch that it is the honest truth. Today I'm introducing you to a blogger that I've known for awhile now, Dara!


Hi, my name is Dara and I blog over at Not In Jersey where I write about my family's adventures and a little bit of everything else! I've known Breanna through her blog for awhile now and I'm happy to be here today to hopefully get to know more of her readers! I thought I'd start off by telling you a few things Breanna and I have in common.

1. We are both November babies - and both Scorpios. We don't need to dwell on the fact that I'm 10 years older than Breanna, right?

2. Breanna has a minor in Social Welfare and I have a master's degree in Social Work.

3. We are both into nursing. Kind of. Breanna is a registered nurse and I nursed my babies. See what I did there?

4. We both like to post a lot of pictures on our blogs.

5. We both have hair that can get frizzy.

6. We both love Starbucks - but Breanna is closer to gold status than I am! I think I should keep trying though. With a few more blog giveaway wins maybe I'll catch up.

7. We both have the following on our list of places to visit: North Carolina, New Orleans, Myrtle Beach, and Utah.

8. Neither of us have ever smoked cigarettes.

9. We both had Strawberry Shortcake sheets as kids.

10. We've both been to a bunch of concerts. Breanna's been to a lot more than I have, but still.

Since Breanna loves music so much, I decided to share with her readers a list of the concerts I have been to.

Debbie Gibson. REM. The Who. The Beach Boys. James Taylor. Billy Joel (4 times). Billy Joel and Elton John. Simon and Garfunkel. Chicago. Evan and Jaron (multiple times - I lost count!)

Me with Jaron from Evan and Jaron and also Jaron and the Long Road to Love
Okay, that actually wasn't very many concerts at all. I need to go to some more! Maybe Breanna will invite me the next time she goes to one!

I hope you may have found some of these things intriguing enough to come visit me at Not In Jersey! I'd love to meet you!


  1. i want strawberry shortcake sheets as an asult!!! and i'm jealous of the debbie gibson concert. i saw her on broadway once, but that's not the same! (also, on broadway, she went by deborah gibson...also not the same!)