August 20, 2013

Back in the Day, Back in the Day

Back in the Day by Christina Aguilera on Grooveshark

I was on Amazon the other day ordering textbooks for my brother when I spur-of-the-moment decided to search some of the country artists I listened to around 6th-9th grade. Lo and behold, they had the CD's for, like, a penny. And you know I jumped right on that!

 Rebecca Lynn Howard - No Rules (2008)

It's My Job to Fall by Rebecca Lynn Howard on Grooveshark

In the summer of 2003, right before I started 9th grade, I went to the Rebecca Lynn Howard free concert in my town. I also bought her 2002 CD "Forgive". It's still one I listen to on iTunes every now & then. When I discovered she had made another CD, I had to snatch it up.

Jessica Andrews - Heart Shaped World (1999)

I Will Be There for You by Jessica Andrews on Grooveshark

For my 12th birthday, I got Jessica Andrews album "Who I Am". I've loved her ever since! I've been meaning to look for her older albums, but always forgot. I'm sad she's not really performing anymore!

Lila McCann - Complete (2001)

Come A Little Closer by Lila McCann on Grooveshark

In 6th grade, I also bought Lila McCann's single for her song "Come a Little Closer". Remember singles?! Oh, gosh, I had a ton of those! Anyway, I listened to that single on repeat for a LONG time. I totally forgot about her until this CD came up in my recommended section on Amazon & I jumped right on that!

 Eddie from Ohio - Looking Out the Fishbowl (1999)

Eddie from Ohio - This is Me (2004)

Twenty Thousand Hearts by Eddie From Ohio on Grooveshark

In high school, one of the free concerts in town was Eddie from Ohio. I had never heard of them before, but listened to one of their song clips & had to see them. It still is one of the best live Down by the Riverside free concerts I've been to. Some of their songs, like The Three Fine Daughters of Farmer Brown and Let's Get Mesolithic, are just plain kooky. But they also have some sweet songs, like Walk Humbly Son. I highly recommend listening to them!

Are there any singers you recently rediscovered that are relatively unknown?

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  1. So, I'm not a country music gal, but I definitely believe in listening to music from back in the day! There's something about it that just lifts your spirits and makes you smile. Brings so much back all at once. :)

  2. I used to love Lila McCann and that cd!! Rebecca Lynn Howard grew up like 45 minutes from me!