July 16, 2013

He took the midnight train going anywhere...

Cory Monteith by Breanna Friedrich on Grooveshark

In yesterday's post, I briefly mentioned the unexpected death of Cory Monteith. I was going to leave it at that, as most people have already heard the news & what the media speculates is behind it.

The more I thought about it, however, the more I was uncomfortable with just leaving the news at a little blurb at the end of my weekend post.

Glee has been a big part of my life, especially during its premiere episode in the Spring of 2009 & the 1st and 2nd seasons through the Spring of 2011. Glee was bonding time for me and my various college roommates. We used to all gather in one person's room & silence was vital for the entire hour. Who did we root for on the show? Finn and Rachel. And when I found out they were dating in real life, I rooted for Cory and Lea.

To wake up to the news of his untimely death was, as Lea's rep put it, "devastating". I feel "devastated" for Cory's family, the Glee cast & crew, and, most of all, Lea. Maybe it sounds pathetic, but I keep having to repeat to myself "Cory Monteith. Dead". It just doesn't seem real.

In honor of Cory, today I'm going to give you some of my favorite Cory Monteith and/or Finn Hudson moments:

His relationship with Lea.

Everywhere you saw them, they appeared so happy and in love. They always acted goofy together & weren't afraid to show PDA in public. Their personalities fit so well together.

He didn't deny his past struggles.


He was open about dropping out of high school and his addiction. He voluntarily admitted himself to rehab earlier this year and had successfully completed the program. Lea stood by his side through all this.

His personality.

 He wasn't afraid to show his personality. Even though he was auditioning for a singing and dancing show, his Glee audition consisted of him playing a fake drum set - something he was very talented at. I read on Twitter somewhere that if you hear thunder, it's Cory drumming in the sky.

 Don't Stop Believin'


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  1. I still haven't accepted it and cannot believe it. I wonder how they're going to incorporate him not being there.

  2. Agreed. I usually don't get so emotionally involved in celebrity matters, but I'm really sad about this, and my heart goes out to Lea. :(

  3. That's how I felt when three storm chasers died, because I never met them in real life, I kept up with them through Storm Chasers and they were a vital part of my life the last few years of hs and first few of college!