May 28, 2013

Tradesies! (Blog Sale + Free Ad Space)

Today, I'd like to talk about a great website I found recently for buying & selling women's clothes, shoes, purses, & accessories. And no, I am not being paid or in any way compensated to write this post. I just really love the website!

It's called Tradesy. Their slogan is: Tradesy turns your closet into cash.

Basically, what you do is create an account & you can post items that are new with tags, like new, or gently used & sell them. You enter in the retail price (what you paid for the piece) & Tradesy recommends a price to sell your item at based on the brand name, the condition, how much information you enter about the product, & how likely others are to buy that item given the price.

Tradesy automatically factors shipping into your price as well. When your item sells, Tradesy ships you a pre-paid, pre-addressed bag within 3-5 days. All you have to do is stick the item that sold in the bag & send it in the mail to whomever bought it! So easy!

Another plus is if your item gets returned because it didn't fit the buyer, you still get to keep the money you earned from selling it. Tradesy deals with the rest. You get 90% of what you sold your item for. Tradesy only keeps 10%. For example, I sold a shirt for $2.00. With shipping factored in, the buyer spent $7.50 on my shirt. I earn $1.82 from that sale. This particular shirt was gently used & a relatively cheap brand (Basic Editions), but if you sold a more expensive brand that had never been worn before, you would be earning more money!

I know everyone these days is using Poshmark, but what sucks about that is you have to have an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad in order to sell your items. You just need a computer with Tradesy!

Tradesy also "cleans up" your pictures of the items you're selling. They erase all the background junk and hangers to showcase just the piece you have for sale.

I've included some of the items I have for sale below. To purchase, just click the picture of the item, set up a free account & follow the steps! All prices already include shipping!! To see more of the items I have for sale, click here or click the Tradesy button in my sidebar!

Route 66  Boot Cut Jeans
 Route 66 Bootcut Jeans - Gently used - Size 17/18 - $20.00 $10.00

 Fashion Bug  Boyfriend Cut Jeans
Fashion Bug Distressed Boyfriend Jeans - Like New (Worn Twice) - Size 24 Petite - $30.00 $11.00

Piper & Blue  Capri/Cropped Denim
Piper & Blue Faded Denim Capris - Like New (Never worn) - Size 17 (Juniors Plus) - $20.00 $11.50

Old Navy  Skirt Denim
Old Navy Denim Skirt - Like New (Worn once) - Size 14 - $25.00 $12.00

Fashion Bug  Maxi Skirt Khaki
Fashion Bug Khaki Maxi Skirt - Like New (Worn once) - Size 28 - $20.00 $8.50

Old Navy  Cross Body Bag
Old Navy Tribal Crossbody Bag - Gently used - OS - $18.00 $11.50

Dots  Brown Flats
Dots Brown Peep-Toe Flats - Like New (Worn Once) - Size 9 - $13.00 $9.50

Old Navy Plus Size Dress
Old Navy Eyelet Sundress - Like New (Worn Once) - Size XXL - $25.00 $15.50

DEB Plus Size Juniors Vest
DEB Puff Vest - Like New - Size 1x (Juniors Plus) - $20.00 $12.50

Pure Energy Plus Size Top Teal Floral
Pure Energy Sheer Blouse - Gently used - Size 3x - $15.00 $10.00

Mossimo Plus Size Top Floral
Mossimo Cropped Sleeveless Floral Tank - Gently used - Size XXL - $10.00 $8.00

Old Navy Plus Size T Shirt Pink Argyle
Old Navy Pink Argyle Polo Shirt - Gently used - Size XXL - $12.00 $9.00

If you buy an item from my closet, I'll reward you with 1 month free VIP ad space on my blog! Just leave your name you purchased something with below (Will be verified).

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  1. What a fun site!


  2. Oh! I like!! I sell on Poshmark, but I have been looking for a similar site, perhaps to boost some sales?? Thanks for telling us about it!!

  3. Also, I LOVE the boots!!! What size calf will they fit? Cause mine are huge. Like 20 inches. I would totally buy them if they would fit me.

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  5. Thank you for this article, girl! It was really nice o read it! I suggest you to try Vinted app too, they are quite similar to Tradesy and Poshmark I think you love it!