April 24, 2013

Party's Here!


I wanted to link-up with Stephanie from Bourbon & Glitter last week for this, but totally forgot, so, although I'm posting early, I'm super excited!

And I'm gonna take a theme from Stephanie's post for this last week & expose my partying ways. Shameful? Maybe. Do I care? Well, no, except for the one time I vomited all over the interior of my BFF's car....yeah...

You're welcome.

 Aforementioned night. Prior to the incident...haha.


 The "it" bar in college: Roscoe's. Yes, it is as gross as it looks in this picture.


 After a night out, Caitlin & I came back to my dorm & made this at 4am.



I obviously have a problem keeping my eyes open when drinking.

Anyone else suffer from this problem?


  1. What fun pictures. Haha for the note!

  2. Love the pics! Glad you could join us this week. Thanks for linking up with Stephanie and I:)

  3. Hahaha. I love the word magnets. And yeah, when I drink my left eye always gets lazy. In almost every picture I have of me drunk, that's how it is. lol.

  4. Hahahaha I love all of these!! The magnets are the BEST.