April 2, 2013


I've done it.

What I said I wouldn't do.

I've become a 50 Shades of Grey fanatic.

Really, while reading the first book, I wasn't very impressed. I didn't like the style of writing and I thought it was kind of boring.

But when I start a book series, I have to finish.

So on I went to 50 Shades Darker.



50 Shades Freed? Yep, still hooked. Except I didn't really like how it ended. But, still, hooked.


Really, I'll forgive the horrible writing of the first book because the story is just. that. good.

Call it smut. Call it what you want. But I like it.

I bought the trilogy set last week on Barnes & Noble. And only paid $5.05 - thank you B&N gift card!

And for all you 50 Shades fans, I have created a soundtrack, if you will.

And please tell me you like this book series as well.


  1. I really liked the series myself. A similar author that I also love I Lorelia James, she write the Rough Riders series among other books...

  2. I've never read them. I thought about it, but haven't dug in yet. Also, I totally had to do a double take because when I scrolled by, those looked like ultrasound photos, lol!

  3. Ugh I might just have to break down & read them.