February 20, 2013

Allow me to introduce myself

These past few weeks my blog has grown & gained some new readers, so I thought I'd take a day to introduce myself for those who may not know!

I'm Breanna. My family nicknamed me B (like I'm a rapper or something). My sisterhood calls me Bre-Bre. Some call me Bre. I answer to any of the above. You choose.

I'm from Minnesota. But I don't live in Minneapolis, St. Paul, or a suburb of the Twin Cities, unlike most of my fellow MN bloggers. I live in good 'ole Rochester. Home of the world-famous Mayo Clinic.

Speaking of the Mayo Clinic, that's where I spent all my time from August 2011-May 2012. I'm not sick, either. I was a nursing student at Luther College in Decorah, Iowa. A town of about 9,000 (including the college students) in NE Iowa. Land of cornfields and Norwegians. And a lot of snow in the winter. And lots of green in the Spring. We spent the year up in Rochester doing nursing clinicals at Mayo Clinic. Best. Experience. Ever.

I am bad at making important decisions. Example: I applied to Luther as a nursing major. Changed to an Elementary Education major about 2 months before moving down there (I didn't want to dissect a cat, sorry!). Went for 2 years in the Education program. Switched back to nursing in the Spring of 2009, my Sophomore year. Hence, the reason I was 2 years older than most of the people in my nursing class. And why I decided to walk in the graduation ceremony I was originally supposed to have been in! Confusing, right?!

 I graduated (for real this time) in December 2012 with my Bachelor of Arts in Nursing. And I passed my nursing licensure test on February 6th. Now comes the hard part: applying for jobs.

 I'm obsessed with my nursing class because they are awesome. Really we're the best future nurses you'll ever meet.

I'm slightly really obsessed with country music. Like, it's practically all I listen to (other than Glee and a bunch of other trashy pop music). Miranda Lambert is probably the best ever. With Blake Shelton following closely behind. Speaking of Miranda & Blake, I saw them both in concert!

My love for country music (& missing my former housemate) led me on a road trip with my two roomies to Nashville in March 2011. It is now my goal to live there & work in the Vanderbilt Children's Hospital. A girl can dream, right?

Like it says up towards the top of my blog, I'm usually sweet. But I have my "gunpowder and lead" moments (like my Miranda reference?). I promise I don't always look like a hot mess. Only on Halloween.

I have a younger brother, a younger sister, a dog named Ford, & a cat named Simba.


  1. well nice to meet you and get to know you a little as i'm new here

  2. I love the Halloween photo of you, your face is hilarious!! And I'm jealous of your Nashville trip, that's the one place I want to go.