January 22, 2013

What's in My Bag?

Thought I would give you all a glimpse in my purse. If anything, this might keep me accountable to clean it once in awhile. Because I definitely needed to go through it...

1. My favorite cross-body bag. It's by Converse One Star & from Target.

2. Yes, I have two wallets. One is the actual one I use. One, theoretically, could probably be gotten rid of. It just has my checkbook. And if we're getting technical here, the flat star wallet is my sister's. But it's sparkly so I really can't part with it!

3. Extra Dessert Delights Sugar-Free Orange Dreamsicle gum.

4. I have a slight obsession with lip stuff. Lip D'Votion in Glossy Berry, Strawberry Lip Smackers, Baby Lips in Twinkle (my absolute fave!), & Vanilla Soft Lips.

5. A huge pile of tickets and movie stubs from college shows that I need to move to my college memory box.

6. My Luther ID (with my photo from July 2007. On college orientation. When I didn't know they would be taking our picture. Where it was 80*, humid, & raining. Where I wore a white shirt, no makeup, and just threw my hair up. Oh god....) and my Blood Donation card from Luther. A+, if you're a match & need blood, just let me know ;)

7. My little zipper wallet I carried around through most of college with my ID's and keys.

8. Calvin Klein glasses.

9. My ID renewal papers. Still waiting for the stupid thing to get here....

Do you have as much random junk in your purse as me?

Helene in Between


  1. Oh man, I'm a goo hoarder too. Can never have enough lip stuff in my bag!:)

  2. ohh i have tons of crazy things. it's bad!

  3. Love this post idea! I have tons of lip gloss in my bag as well! Hope you have a good day!