January 10, 2013



There's this story. It's about this little boy who asks his mother, "Do you think I can pick up that big rock over there?" And she says, "Yes. I am certain that you can lift it if you use all your strength." So he goes over and he tries to lift the rock. He tries a bunch of times, until, finally, he says, "I couldn't do it." So she goes over there and, together, they lift the rock. And she explains to him that, sometimes, using all your strength means asking for help.

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  1. Hello there! I just wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for the Liebster blog award on my blog because I totally love your blog. (You can see the post at the url below.) Feel free to continue the chain, or not. Either way is fine, and no judgement will be passed if you choose not to participate : ]


    P.S.--This is such a sweet sentiment! I can have trouble asking for help sometimes for sure. I tend to believe that I can do everything myself. This is a really great story to think about. Thanks for sharing : ]

  2. That is a fantastic story. I too, have trouble asking for help, so this especially hits home with me.