October 30, 2012

Awesome Things

Just some awesome things so far this week:

  • I am basically done with my rough draft of my senior paper. I just need to add a references page, edit to check for APA formatting, and add in a few short answers from a social worker I am waiting to hear back from.
  • Last night's clinical was super weird. Within the first hour on the floor, my fellow student nurse's first patient passed away. I originally was supposed to get a 2 year old with respiratory distress, but they were transferred to Rochester. Then I got a new patient and got report only to find out 20 minutes later that he didn't want a student. So my 2nd patient got moved up to be my 1st patient and I got a new admit halfway through the night that was just an easy observation. Everything is fine until we have 30 minutes left. I get my patient to the commode and back and am ready to leave. His call light goes off and he says he's bleeding....wait...WHAT?! I go in to what looks like a murder scene - blood EVERYWHERE. Get my instructor and get everything squared away (his IV got pulled). Have to start a new IV and we barely find one vein that MIGHT work, but we're not holding our breath. I GET IT IN! My instructor said she was super proud of me and that I should think about being on an IV team. WHAT?! Best compliment ever.
  • I am loving my plaid and scarves look today. My favorite fall clothes.


  1. AH! That IS awesome!! :)I'm proud of you too, those IVs are tricky suckers! Nice work Breanna!
    (sad about the other student's patient though... at least it happened now, while she still has a nurse working with her. I didn't have my first until after I was on my own!)

  2. Hi Breanna, I just found your blog and I'm your newest follower on GFC. I'd love if you checked me out and returned the favor. I appreciate it. Thanks so much!