August 9, 2012

Thankful Thursday

I'm going to turn today's post into something very sappy. I apologize in advance.

I started my blog in February 2009 because I was told I had to. Kind of annoyed, I did what I was told because it was a part of my grade.

I blogged about what I was supposed to and then in May 2009, I wrote 1 or 2 posts that I didn't need to. And then I got my grade (A) and I went home for the summer with a new major (Nursing) and I posted some more things I didn't need to. Back then, I had 4 followers. 3 from the group we were placed in for that class (and had to follow) and 1 of my long-time friends from elementary school who happened to find my blog.

Cut to August 2012.

I try to post (most) everyday. I have 41 followers.


I am so shocked and flattered that people actually read my blog for fun (at least I like to think so). Thanks to some of you for sticking with me on here over the past 2 years when I really didn't post all that often except for summer. I never once lost any followers and that amazes me because even I would have probably unfollowed this blog if I was a reader.

Ladies, thank you for providing inspiration for my life and amazing me at all the things we're capable of.
Thank you, especially, to the nurses and nursing students whose blogs I read. I find so much motivation and inspiration reading your blogs and get so excited for my future. I love being able to relate with the nursing students and knowing exactly what they are talking about when they post about nursing school.


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  1. Woohoo for writing because you want to! And yaaay for the followers you've acquired over the years! I can see why they keep coming back! :)