August 3, 2012


I took the plunge yesterday & am the new owner of an Android Smart-Phone:

It can do so much, but it's definitely taking some getting used to.

So far I've bought these apps:

Loving it so far! Follow me at @breannamf. And I'm so new to it that the only way I could provide a link was through Followgram??? I'll be working on getting a button installed in my side-bar on this blog. If anyone knows how to provide a direct link to your Instagram account, let me know! Also, is there a way to get your instagram pictures saved on your computer?

I just used the regular Twitter app that Twitter provides, but anyone have a suggestion for a better one for Android?? I used to get some notifications through text message on my phone, but now when I got the app, it will send the text to my phone, plus pop up a notification from that person in Twitter, which was annoying. So I had to stop all notifications. Not too thrilled with that.

Of course, the standard. Don't use it to much, but figured it would be nice to have.

My Pharm professor actually recommended this app for us back in the fall. It has a bunch of information about medications. You can even help identify a med just by putting in a description of the pill. I figured this might come in handy as a nurse.

IV Drip Calculator
Even though Mayo has the IV pumps where you just program in the information, Winneshiek only has so many of those. The rest you have to figure out and set the rate yourself. Hopefully this might come in handy to help with that?

What apps are must-have for you??? When switching to a smart-phone, did anyone else get super paranoid about data usage & what-not? Because I am Yeah, me neither...


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  1. ooh! I'm addicted to instagram. :) I just added you (if you want to follow me, my user name is annarodr).
    Also, the only way I know how to link it is through followgram as well. I save the picture to my computer by e-mailing the pictures on my phone to my computer and THEN saving it. Time consuming, but if you hear of a better way, let me know!!